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The refit market is becoming increasingly important for MIVE ECO. Thanks to our extensive experience in this field, we know that refits require a very different approach to new builds.

From the simple replacement of silencers to the overhaul of the entire exhaust system of the main engines or generators, we have always satisfied our customers. One of our specialties is replacing the exhaust system with an alternative with higher acoustic comfort and if possible even more ecological.

Our work on refit projects covers all the necessary activities, starting from consultancy by our team of engineers up to the testing of the system, including thermal insulation with certified materials and the final installation on board.

MIVE ECO’s highly practical approach makes our company an exceptional partner in refit projects. We are an integral part of the decision-making process for the entire project, guaranteeing the shortest delivery times on the market by being manufacturers of almost all of the components we supply. Additionally, our service team provides high-quality support to commanders and crews both during and after a refit.

For Mive Eco every yacht is unique and special: for each boat we study the best possible system. This is the way we work:

Preparation phase and request for information
As soon as we receive a refit request, MIVE ECO specialists start collecting all relevant information about the vessel. We ask the new customer for videos, specific photos and accurate drawings. If the drawings are unavailable, we use one or more special procedures and techniques to best prepare the refit.

These procedures may include:

– Preliminary sea test of the vessel
– Acoustic and vibration measurements using accurate instruments
– Carrying out a 3D scan of the engine room
– Study of engine technical data sheets
– Back pressure measurements during navigation

If the yacht is larger than 500 GT and the refit involves the installation of new engines with higher power, it is important to keep in mind that this will bring it into compliance with the new IMO tier III regulations regarding nitrogen oxide emission limits (if the new engines are equivalent to those previously installed, the reference regulation will remain IMO tier II).

Verification of the suitability of the systems on board

Once we have received all the information relating to the vessel from the customer, we will have a complete picture of the initial situation and will be able to evaluate the good functioning of its various systems and the possible improvements that can be applied.

2. Verification of on-board systems and testing
Once we have received all the information relating to the boat from the client, we can build a complete picture of the current state and proper functioning of its various systems.
3. Conclusions of the preparation
The thorough preliminary work helps us establish the relevant values and draw conclusions about what we need to do to troubleshoot and upgrade the boat. This is where we formulate a comprehensive approach plan.
4. Initial meeting on site
The next step is to organize a meeting with MIVE ECO on site, with the captain and crew. We discuss our proposal and make sure everyone agrees with our recommended approach.
5. Engineering, design and drafting
Once all preparations are completed and the owner has signed off on the plan, MIVE ECO takes care of the actual engineering, design and drafting work.
6. Incontri di monitoraggio dei processi in loco
If requested by the owner or required by the particular circumstances, we can arrange meetings at MIVE ECO during the refit process to discuss or demonstrate progress.
7. Delivery of technical package and drawings
The next step is the delivery of the design and engineering package and drawings to the owner’s team.
8. Pre-production approval
Before MIVE ECO starts production of the various components involved in the refit, we require formal approval from the owner.
9. Hardware manufacturing
Once the preparation phase has been completed and the engineering and design plans completed, MIVECO proceeds with the production of the equipment for the refit.
10. Installation and assembly
In the next stage, the components are installed on board by the shipyard or by MIVE ECO, depending on the preferences of the owner and the shipyard.
11. Commissioning and sea trials
The final stage of the refit process involves commissioning, testing and sea trials. MIVE ECO provides a full guarantee for fully functional systems.
12. After-sales service and customer satisfaction
We provide a wide-ranging warranty and after-sales service to ensure our refit customers are satisfied with our work. At MIVE ECO we know that the satisfaction of the people we work for is our best marketing strategy and our track record has led many clients to become brand ambassadors.
Replacement of exhaust systems

While a well-constructed exhaust system has a long life cycle, there are many factors that can shorten its life. MIVE ECO is the ideal partner for the refit of your engine in cases where the exhaust needs to be replaced. Whether you need a completely new system because you are installing new engines or generators, or just a partial upgrade of the current system capabilities, we will find the best possible solution for your refit.

On-site project management

Refits are very different from new builds. They have their own complexity and require many parts to come together. In some cases it may be desirable to employ an on-site project manager for an exhaust systems refit. A MIVE ECO manager can ensure a smooth and successful start of the project and can, if necessary, take care of commissioning and testing.

Segmented silencer

The most frequently replaced part of an exhaust system is the muffler. Unfortunately, this is often a central part in existing exhaust systems, and as such is large, heavy and mounted in a central location in the engine room (often directly above the engine).

In the past they could only be replaced by drilling a hole in the hull, removing the old muffler and installing a new one (space permitting). This took a long time and cost a fortune in project costs to all parties involved. MIVE ECO has invented a new perfect solution for this problem: the segmented silencer. This can be brought on board in separate parts according to the space available and then assembled in the engine room. The result is a short delivery time of just two weeks and significant cost reductions.

You can choose to have your old muffler stripped and the new one fitted by our experienced refit team. If you already have capable construction welders at your disposal, we can provide you with a comprehensive manual, instructions and welding material. In both cases it is important that MIVE ECO is invited to carry out commissioning and practical tests after installing the new silencer so that the full guarantee on the functioning of the silencer can be valid.

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