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Noise reduction is one of our specialties; reducing odors and soot produced by engines is another. At Mive Eco, we can create any solution you want.

For example, we can supply DPF systems and SCR systems together with the full exhaust or integrate another emission reduction system into the exhaust system. This resourcefulness is one of the things that make Mive Eco unique.

We have the in-house know-how and experience you need for all your emission reduction needs. We consider the filter units as an integral part of the system and can make the necessary modifications. This method allows us to guarantee the previously agreed services.

Marco Cristofori
Marco Cristofori
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Mive Eco, Italian excellence in the world, can make available a great experience in the nautical field, experience that originates in the distant 1990. For any type of question, request for information, request for consultancy, our staff is at your complete disposal to respond to your requests in the best possible way and promptly. Our team of engineers is at your disposal.

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Mive Eco is the world's leading company in the design, engineering and production of exhaust systems for all types of motor yachts, sailing, military and passenger vessels.

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