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MIVE ECO specializes in the development of advanced marine engine exhaust systems that can withstand harsh marine environments over time.

Very often we have observed situations where poor exhaust system design or the installation of inappropriate components has had catastrophic results for the vessel.

At MIVE ECO, we ensure that the exhaust gas systems are high-performance and safe (using the best technologies available). We always guarantee that the engine works correctly according to the technical requirements required by the manufacturer, the right level of back pressure, high acoustic comfort on board, low temperatures and long life of the components.

MIVE ECO offers a variety of engineering services in exhaust system design.

They are included:

Initial pressure drop calculations
Initial exhaust layout drawing
Final exhaust layout drawing
Final layout support drawing
Final pressure drop calculations
Guaranteed back-pressure control
Efficient cooling of exhaust gases
Optimal noise reduction
Detailed dimensional drawings of the scoop
Class approval
Project management

As soon as MIVE ECO starts a project, our customers are assigned a dedicated project manager and/or project engineer. This specialist ensures smooth and clear progress from the moment the project is commissioned until the day it is finalized. They professionally take care of everything, from the supply of materials to commissioning and sea trials, depending on the agreement between the parties.


In addition to our 2D AutoCAD engineering, we deliver our drawings for approval in 3D. The same applies to approval drawings submitted to the classification society of your choice. MIVE ECO uses Inventor, even though we have the ability to read and process all other 3D programs.


MIVE ECO is known for its far reaching specialization in supplying complete wet and dry exhaust systems for the superyacht industry. The company’s experience is based on over 20 years of experience in the sector and on a highly versatile internal engineering structure.

Thanks to this accumulated know-how, MIVE ECO is highly capable of providing the best possible system that matches their demands and expectations. We also help find solutions for other exhaust systems that have problems with noise, back pressure control, underwater exhaust, damaged mufflers, or backflow.

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Mive Eco, Italian excellence in the world, can make available a great experience in the nautical field, experience that originates in the distant 1990. For any type of question, request for information, request for consultancy, our staff is at your complete disposal to respond to your requests in the best possible way and promptly. Our team of engineers is at your disposal.

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Mive Eco is the world's leading company in the design, engineering and production of exhaust systems for all types of motor yachts, sailing, military and passenger vessels.

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