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CACOS V – The luxury yacht in the world is quieter Made in italy

The latter has been selected as the model to quieter engine in the world . The title, certified by RINA , has been attributed to a model of high content showcased at the Monaco Boat Show.

His strengths are not only the quietness and comfort , but it is clear that these factors have captured the attention of those who evaluated the characteristics , excellent in all respects .

The yacht , signed by Admiral Tecnomar , yachting division of The Italian Sea Group , can take advantage of this prestigious award , which will definitely good image of the group , already very good.

Cacos V has obtained the highest level of comfort never recognized by the Italian Naval Register , with class notation COMF (Y) 90, 100 . Thanks to innovative engineering solutions , the levels of noise and vibration are recorded substantially lower than the industry average ( up to 25% for noise and vibration up to 80 % for ) .

Only by way of example , the level of vibration recorded at cruising speed ( 16 knots ) in the cabin is of only 0.2 mm / s , while the noise level is 49.1 dB ( A). Important data, claiming a leadership the Italian system can be proud of.

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